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The SKRAT team consists of Anne Connor (left) and Alex Holmes (right). We are both illustration majors at SCAD, and met our freshman year in the foundation buildings, similar schedules and no classes with each other. Now, we’re co-running a t-shirt business!


With similar and balancing interests, we decided to start “SKRAT” as a means to build Anne’s screen printing portfolio and Alex’s illustration portfolio, make a little bit of money to help us get through the remainder of school, and try to produce a “green-as-can-be” business. We made the decision to upcycle t-shirts in decent condition from a variety of thrift stores. After many road blocks and nine months of delay, we’re finally putting our shop up for the world to see! Lots of sweat and tears have been put in these shirts, and we’re so excited to finally release these sick screen-printed designs.


Thanks to our lovely models that were willing to model our shirts by means of shirt-payment. <3


You can find Alex Holmes @sketchcatch and Anne Connor at @punkratstudio on Instagram.

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