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What's the difference between digital and traditional illustrations?

Digital illustrations are illustrated on applications such as Adobe Photoshop for desktop, Adobe Illustrator for desktop, or Procreate for the iPad. There are numerous applications that are out there to create digital illustrations such as Clip Studio Paint, Autodesk, GIMP, and the long lost MS Paint. Since the final illustration is exported digitally, the final product would also be in digital form unless it was put into production (prints, product design, etc).

Traditional illustrations are created "traditionally," meaning there is an "original," tangible piece that exists in the world. While I mainly use a variety of media including collage, watercolor, inks, and gouache, other artists may paint directly on canvas with acrylic or oil paints. There is a vast selection of traditional media out there, and it all depends on personal preference!

Both ways of working are completely valid, and each has it pros and cons. Every artist works with each media or application differently!

Do you sell prints of your work?

At the moment, I am not selling prints of my artwork, as I am a full time student trying to brand myself and make a name for my business before I get ahead of myself, but if there's something you're specifically interested in, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/are interested in a particular piece.

Do you do commissions?

I do take commissions, and have been taking them sporadically depending on my school-time and personal workload! I am in the process of making a commission request form so it's easier for my clients to inquire about getting a piece done for themselves/someone else. At this point and time, it's best to either contact me through Instagram or my contact page. Please be patient with my response! I am a very busy student who is juggling my life, work life, school life, and taking care of my wonderful dog!

So... you take commissions. How much do they cost?

I get this question a lot, but that being said, it all depends on a variety of factors:

• How big is the piece?

• Am I working digitally or traditionally?

• Is this the physical piece or just a print of an original?

• How much time am I going to spend on this piece?

• What materials am I going to use for this piece (if traditional)?

These are all questions I have to factor in when giving a client a price. This is my job, and I have to consider it as such!

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