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"Ego Boost Rebranding"

Ego Boost Salon and Spa is a salon in Chapin, SC. I aided the owners in rebranding Ego Boost since they no longer provided spa services, it has become "Ego Boost Salon & Boutique." While I kept their color scheme and maintained the font that they used for their branding over the past ten years, I modernized their logo, advertising, and created their own "head" that could not be found at other salons. Scroll down to see my process in updating Ego Boost's branding and promotional materials.

Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


These were the logos that the salon began with before my rebranding. While modern a decade ago, the secondary font had definitely become dated.


original head

Ego Boost Head WHITE.png

They originally started with a generic "head" that could be retrieved from royalty free websites such as Zazzle. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with using a vector image that can be found on the internet as a starting business, a business that's been around for a decade needs their own logo, especially when it's such an identifiable part of their business!

I created a banner logo for their website, cards, and other branding materials that would include their iconic head, rather than having two separate logos. However, I made it where the head could be used on its own as well as their banner logos, depending on what they need to use the logo for.


Since I am an illustrator by primary trade, I thought that it would be interesting to have a repeat pattern of salon tools to include in promotional material such as their menus and business cards.

Ego Boost Appointment Card Back2-01.png
Cliff Ego Boost Card-01.png
Ego Boost Appointment Card Front.png

Even though the world is quickly moving towards electronic notifications for appointments, we find that it is important to also have physical appointment cards! In addition, Ego Boost also needed cards for each stylist in order to bring in new clients as well as old. I used a similar format for both the front and the back of the cards for continuity. I was able to use the repeat pattern on the back of the cards, which I think really added visual interest to the most important informational sides.


Furthermore, their clients were requesting menu cards, especially with increased prices due to COVID, so I designed rack cards with the majority of their services, prices, contact information, along with a QR code that is linked to their online booking.

Ego Boost Rack Card Menu-01.png

They also needed some magazine ads for their boutique along with their salon. I incorporated elements from other promotional materials that I had already created for Ego Boost.

small EB Happy Halloween-01.jpg
small ego_boost_turkey_day-01.jpg
small ego_boost_santa-01.jpg

For various holidays, I created alterations of the Ego Boost Head logo for their social media presence. The posts appeared to get significant engagement!

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