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Anne Connor-Schroten is a 23-year-old queer and disabled illustrator and designer from the small town of Chapin, South Carolina. Anne grew up on a farm living with horses, chickens, dogs, barn cats, and the token donkey. Their upbringing made them an avid animal lover (and specifically, rat-lover) which is why their token nickname in high school became “Rat Mom.”


From a very early age, Anne was encouraged to take a pencil to paper as a means of expressing themselves. Three years in a high school technical program focused on graphic design along with a degree from Savannah College of Art and Design expanded their artistic horizons by means of a sketchbook, iPad, Adobe Creative Cloud, print-making, and an abundance of mixed media.


Their work has a sketchbook flavor—touches of journalistic illustration with life drawings of acquaintances galore, in addition to their fine art qualities that show up in their more painterly illustrations. Their work exudes vibrancy, light, and immediacy encapsulated by confident linework.


In their every day, Anne can be found sketchbooking and journaling alongside her hound, Jessie.

Have you seen an artwork that you're interested in? Check out my INPRNT!

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